Chairman's Message

Dear Parents,

With the great sense of happiness I look forward to start the new session of S.B.S. Sr. Sec. School. Today’s tremendously competitive world demands an education that is highly focused on transforming the student in to specialized professionals. Our first aim is to provide good education, so that students can understand the way of success life.

S.B.S. Sr. Sec. School offers your child good education, personality development course, English speaking course and all basic computer courses of hardware and software as well as a science lab. Besides all these courses we provide the students all kind of facilities which are necessary for their development. With the academic knowledge we are also providing spiritual and social knowledge to the students. We do not aim for any competition from the other school but our aim is to provide better education and lives to the students of this area. Because good education makes a man civilized. If you expect a well educated, well behaved and well managed son/daughter, S.B.S. Sr. Sec. School is the right school for you. Here at S.B.S. Sr. Sec. School, we change the thinking of the students and develop a positive attitude a person can get 85% success and rest of 15% success can get through good education. So for 100% success of your child you can trust on us and we assure you to fulfil the dreams of your child.

I invite you to take your child to a higher level in life by opening up the opportunities for better education.

With Best Wishes,

Dewan Kuldeep Singh Chopra